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I am pleased to tell you about Classic Cleaning Company whom I have worked with for the past year. Chris Kosek and his team are a team that pays close attention to detail with keeping in mind the cost of running a business. Chris has employed very professional and trustworthy individuals; our employees have felt very safe and comfortable when they are here. Classic Cleaning offer other skills to the clinic such as waxing/finishing of the laminate floors and maintenance work. I have found that Chris is very knowledgeable and skilled in the cleaning techniques. With being a regional clinic, the maintenance work is something we are very pleased to have offered to our clinic, as we do not have quick access to a corporate maintenance department. Chris and his team are able to change light bulbs and any other low maintenance job.

I would highly recommend Classic Cleaning Company. I am very confident that they would do a superior job as they have provided our clinic excellent service.

Clinic Manager
Litchfield MN

Classic Cleaning Company has been under contract with our clinic since June 1998. During that time, I have found them to be very reliable and flexible. They clean six days per week for us, and I have never had to worry about the work getting done.

They have always been very responsive and take great pride in their work. The staff has always been professional in their appearance and manner. I recommend Classic Cleaning without hesitation.

Buffalo, MN